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What types of links do you offer?
Currently, we offer a variety of text links and banners in various sizes which you can access on the Commission Junction website.

Where should I place the Sony Store links on my site?
You should place Sony Store links where they're easy for your visitors to find: your site's home page, navigation bar, and any other high-traffic areas. By placing the links on easily accessed site locations, visitors will be more likely to make a purchase.

How are orders from my site tracked and credited?
All links from your site to ours include a unique ID. This ID allows us to identify customers coming from your site and to credit you if they make a purchase. It is essential that all links on your site be created using the exact HTML code Commission Junction account manager provided so that they are tracked correctly.

How much will I get paid for sales that originate from my site?
We will pay you a commission on all Qualifying Purchases (as defined in our Affiliate Agreement) that occur during a linked session from your site. The standard store.sony.com commission is 2%.

*Affiliates will receive a check or direct deposit for commissions owed.

Commission rates will be based on the amount actually paid to store.sony.com for Qualifying Purchases, excluding sales taxes, duties, shipping, handling, and similar charges, amounts due to credit card fraud and bad debt, and credits for returned goods ("Net Sales"). Please note that product cancellations and merchandise returns will be deducted from gross sales.

What if a visitor to my site clicks through to store.sony.com, does not make a purchase, but returns to store.sony.com later to make a purchase?
In this case if the visitor returns within 30 days and does not go through another affiliate link you will get credit for the purchase.

How often do I get paid?
Commission Junction will send you a check on or around the 20th day of the month if your account has a positive balance and exceeds their Minimum Payment Threshold.

Will I earn commission on personal orders?
Yes. You and anyone you know can purchase via your site. All completed sales will result in commissions for you.

How can I keep track of how I am doing?
You can keep track of your site's performance in your Account Manager in the Commission Junction interface. You will have a unique username and password to access the site following the acceptance of your web site into the store.sony.com program.

How often are reports updated?
Report data will be updated each day with data through the previous day.