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Earn points when you shop at Sony Store. Redeem for TVs, camcorders, home entertainment systems, and more.


  • To earn: Log in to your Sony Rewards account from the "Review" page during checkout.
  • To redeem: Select "Redeem Sony Rewards Points" as a payment method at checkout and log in to your Sony Rewards account.

In Sony Stores

  • To earn or redeem: Visit your local Sony Store and provide the email address for your Sony Rewards account to the associate at checkout period
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I earn points at Sony Store?

  • You earn 1 Sony Rewards point for every dollar spent at Sony Store online.
  • If there are bonus offers, additional points may be earned.
  • Once your Sony Rewards account is all set up, don’t forget to link it to your Sony Store account. In the future, you may simply log in using your Sony Store account information to start earning points on all your Sony Store purchases.
  • Sony Rewards points earned for your purchase will automatically be added to your account.
  • Link your Sony Rewards account to a Sony Store account to make it even easier to earn points the next time you shop.

2. How do I use my Sony Rewards points to pay for an order?

  • Choose to pay with Sony Rewards points during checkout.
  • Provide your Sony Rewards account information when prompted.
  • Enter the number of points you wish to use towards your purchase.
  • Finish checking out.

3. When will I earn points on my order?

  • Points will not appear on your Sony Rewards account until your products have shipped. Points are credited only on the product price and exclude taxes, shipping and other fees. To see this information, please view your order details.

4. Can I get points for an order I already placed?

  • Unfortunately we are not able to provide Rewards Points for orders previously placed. Please be sure to link your Sony Store account to your Sony Rewards account so you will get full credit for future purchases.

5. Which products can I receive by redeeming my Sony Rewards points?

  • Any of the amazing products found on our site, as well as exciting VIP entertainment experiences. Learn more

6. Why can't I see my available Sony Rewards points in checkout?

  • You must log in to your Sony Rewards account at to view your available Sony Rewards points.

7. I am ready to use my Sony Rewards points to pay for my order. Why am I being asked to provide my Sony Rewards account information during checkout?

  • Your Sony Rewards account information is used to confirm your Sony Rewards points balance.

8. I don't have enough Sony Rewards points to pay for my order. How can I pay for the balance?

  • During checkout, select any of the available payment methods to cover the remaining balance on your order.

9. May I apply gift cards or promotional offers to my order when paying with Sony Rewards points?

  • Yes. Just enter the gift card or promotional information during checkout.

10. Can I use Sony Rewards points I've earned by using my Sony Card?

  • Yes. You can use the Sony Rewards account that already has your Sony Card associated, or you can create a new Sony Rewards account with your Sony Card associated.
  • When creating your new Sony Rewards account, please be sure to enter all requested Sony Card data in order to use your Sony Rewards points on your next purchase.

11. When I pay with Sony Rewards points, can I get a purchase refund or exchange?

  • Orders purchased using Sony Rewards points will follow the standard Sony return policy. For more information, please review our return policy here.

12. What is the benefit of having a Sony Store account when earning or redeeming my Sony Rewards points?

  • Once you've linked your Sony Rewards account to a Sony Store account, you'll automatically earn points on all your Sony Store purchases whenever you're logged into your Sony Store account. You can still earn points while checking out as a Guest, but your Sony Rewards login and password will be needed for each order.

13. How do I link my Sony Rewards account to my Sony Store account?

  • You only need to log in to your Sony Store account once while logged into your Sony Rewards account and the two will be linked for all future Sony Store online shopping.

14. Are Sony Rewards points ever deducted?

  • Yes. If you return a product or cancel an order, the Sony Rewards points earned on that purchase will be deducted.

15. Where can I find more information?

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