TV On-Stand 70" TV and Below

Sony Installation Services will arrive onsite and install your new or existing TV (up to 70") using the manufacturer included base, and place onto a preassembled furtniture stand or desired location, connecting new or existing Audio Video components (Blu Ray, DVD, CD, Game Consule, Receiver etc), excludes speaker installation.

Experienced In Home Installation team
  • Completely install of TV using the manufacturer included base stand
  • Connect system to pre-existing AC power-supply, using neat wire management (no wire concealment)
  • Attach cables from tuner source (up to 15 feet), by neatly routing exposed wires to TV
  • Integrate an existing home theater or audio system located in same room
  • Install all new/existing A/V Components in the same room (excludes additional speaker setup or Installation)
  • Additional cables & furniture stand assembly not included

$ 179.99