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  • Gun / Zoom Microphone
    Item: ECM-GZ1M

    Record faraway conversations, stage performances, and more with the versatile Sony zoom microphone. Its "zoom" mode lets you zero in on distant sounds, while the "gun" mode picks up sudden, sharp noises coming from whatever you're filming.

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    $ 99.99

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    • Microphone (transmitter)
      Item: ECM-W1M

      special moments right at the source with this Bluetooth® wireless microphone. Not only can you record crisp, clear sound up to 300 feet away, but you can also enjoy two way communications between you and your subject. This unique feature enables you to give your subject direction while capturing only their voice, or you can chose to capture both their voice and yours while filming.

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      $ 229.99

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      • Shotgun Microphone
        Item: ECM678/9X

        The Sony ECM-678 is a short shotgun, electret condenser-type microphone, which delivers outstanding sound performance in all field production and broadcast studio applications. It is also well-suited for use on Sony professional camcorders such as the HDV Series, DVCAM Series, and XDCAM Series. The ECM-678 offers excellent sensitivity, low inherent noise, and extreme durability. Its highly directional response allows clear voice pick-up even in the most demanding of environments, while the built-in low-cut filter switch helps to reduce unwanted pop and wind noise encountered in the field. With its high performance and durability, the ECM-678 microphone is the perfect choice for quality-critical sound-acquisition applications.

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        $ 569.99

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        • Stereo Microphone
          Item: ECM-MS2

          The ECM-MS2 is an MS stereo electret condenser microphone designed for mounting on professional camcorders equipped with two XLR inputs and phantom powering. The ECM-MS2 delivers excellent sound performance in field and studio production applications at an affordable price. The MS microphone signal of the ECM-MS2 is internally decoded and it provides L and R (stereo) outputs. The MS2 stereo microphone also supports mono operation by simply unpluging the right channel (disabling phantom power from the right channel XLR connector).

          Out of Stock
          $ 299.99

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          • XQD Card Adapter
            Item: QDAEX1/SC1

            Convert your XQD cards directly on your laptop or PC with this XQD Card Adapter that plugs right into an ExpressCard™ 34 card slot. It requires no additional cables or connections, and offers a portable, convenient and high-speed workflow solution.

            In Stock
            $ 44.99

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            • XQD Card Reader
              Item: MRWE80/BC1

              Quickly and easily transfer large quantities of very high capacity data from your camera to a PC with the USB 2.0/3.0 compatible XQD card reader. It supports the recently adopted XQD specification for high-speed, high-performance digital image capture, giving photo enthusiasts and professional photographers alike the support they need.

              Currently Not Available
              $ 44.99

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