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shopping guide

Sony Family Center discounts may not be combined with other promotional offers, discounts or bundles and cannot be applied to previous orders.

In order to view special discount pricing, you must first login to the Sony Family Center site. Sony Family Center pricing may not appear on select pages, such as category pages, series pages or special promotional pages. In these instances, Sony Family Center savings can be viewed in your Shopping Cart once you’ve added the product to cart.

terms and conditions

All eligible employees can purchase available, discounted Sony products from the Sony Family Center website or at any Sony retail store. While you're eligible to purchase a reasonable amount of products, consistent with this policy, for personal or immediate family use, you may not purchase products for resale. Orders are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to certain restrictions. These orders are filled as inventory permits.

A reasonable maximum annual purchase level is set and enforced by the Sony Direct Team management. The Sony Family Center monitors purchases, both online and in-store, and reserves the right to limit purchases. If the company discovers a violation of this policy, corrective action, up to and including termination, may result. Certain restrictions apply to this program based on Sony Direct Team's operating procedures.

All Employee Sales are final. By completing your purchase, you are acknowledging the terms and conditions of the Employee Product Purchase Policy. The Employee Product Purchase Policy can be found on the HR Connect platform. For all other companies not on the HR Connect Platform, refer to your HR Department.