The smarter way to buy. Enjoy the perks of buying directly from Sony.

  • Free Delivery
  • No matter how big or small, your products ship for free on orders valued at $25 and up. Plus, you can track your order from the moment it leaves our warehouse until it arrives at your front door.

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  • 30-Day Price Match
  • If the price of your product drops on our website within 30 days of your receipt date, we will refund you the difference. We always stand by our Price Guarantee policy.

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  • Pre-order
  • Order it here first. Products are available for pre-order online from Sony before they’re available in our retail stores. Sometimes it’s even before they’re available through any other retailer in the US.

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The Sony Rewards Program connects you to all things Sony

You earn points for doing the things you already love to do (like going to movies and purchasing Sony products) and use those points to get great Sony merchandise and experiences. Sony Rewards also gives you insider access to the latest content from the Sony universe and lets you share your experience with friends.

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Use points
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Sony Card

A Sony Card gets you access to exclusive deals and offers, plus it’s the fastest way to earn Sony Reward Points. This means you’ll be rewarded for everyday purchases of gadgets, games, music, movies, electronics and more.

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Pay the easy way. Sony Electronics is now partnering with GE Capital Retail Bank to bring you the new Sony Financial Services Card. The new card gets you everything faster — apply now for convenient monthly payments and exclusive cardholder financing promotions.

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Product Protection

Accidents happen. Coverage for accidental damage from handling is available and begins immediately, providing additional protection against events like drops and spills. Access to support representatives via our toll-free number ensures you get the help you need any time.

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  • Haul Away Service
  • Have an old television hauled away and recycled responsibly when you use this premier, in-home delivery service when purchasing a new TV at a Sony store or direct at

  • Recyling
  • Go green. If your old Sony device has no value or you'd like to recycle it in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, we've made the process free and easy.

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  • Student Store
  • Students, faculty and staff save up to 10%, plus get free delivery, loyalty rewards and our low-price guarantee. Sign up today online, in person or by phone.

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