Sony is proud to offer a recycling program for our valued customers. Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • Sony Take Back Recycling Program

Sony Take Back Recycling Program

About the Program

  • What is the Sony Take Back Recycling Program? The Sony Take Back Recycling Program was the first national recycling initiative to involve both a major electronics manufacturer and a national waste management company. Since its inception in 2007, we have strived to create convenient ways for you to recycle your unwanted products. Our ultimate goal is to Take Back one pound of eWaste for every pound of product we make.
  • How responsible is Sony in your recycling efforts? We support the recycling of our products with the same respect we have when creating them. Sony uses third party electronics recyclers in accord with rigorous environmental and worker safety standards. Additionally, we adhere to measures to prevent the export of hazardous e-waste to developing countries and support the development of federal legislation to ban the illegal export of hazardous electronic waste to developing nations. Sony’s policy, in support of EPA's National Stewardship Program is to use exclusively recyclers registered to one of the new independent recycling standards.
  • Is my product eligible for recycling? If We Make It, We Take It. Any product ever made by Sony including its packaging can be recycled at no cost to you. To recycle your Sony product and packaging, find the nearest drop off location to you. Free recycling through the drop off location and/or mail back is limited to five Sony products per day. Drop off locations may also accept non-Sony branded products at a nominal fee. If you are business customer of Sony VAIO products, please contact 866-235-7669 to learn more about how to recycle your VAIO products using Sony Take Back Recycling program. For customers in Canada, please find the nearest collection site at
  • Where do I recycle my Sony product? By inputting your zip code and product type on the main page of this website, you’ll be directed to the nearest location that can recycle your specific product. We suggest contacting your nearest location to find out their hours of operation. For business customers of VAIO products, please contact 866-235-7669 to learn more about how to recycle your VAIO products using Sony Take Back Recycling program.
  • I live outside of a 25 mile radius of your nearest drop off location, how can I recycle my Sony product? Sony offers free mail-back and recycling for any Sony product as long as it weighs less than 25lbs and the box dimensions the product is shipped in is 20(l) x 20 (w) x10 (h) or less. Just follow the steps on this website to print off your free mailing label. Please note: packages over 25 pounds will not be accepted by the carrier.
  • Can I mail-back my non-Sony branded product for recycling? If your product is eligible for Trade-In and has no trade-in value, ecoNEW (Sony's Trade-In partner) will recycle your non-Sony branded product at no cost to you. Unfortunately, if your product is not Trade-In eligible, Sony is unable to provide recycling or shipping at no cost. Drop off locations may accept non-Sony branded products for a nominal fee.
  • How much does it cost to recycle my product? If it is a Sony product then there is no cost to you! If it is made by another company we suggest you take the following steps to ensure your product is recycled in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.
    • Check with the product's manufacturer to see if they offer free recycling
    • Contact a Sony Preferred Drop Off location to see if they will recycle it for free or at a nominal cost
    • Find an electronics waste collection site or event in your area to drop off your product
  • My product is old, but it still works fine. Should I recycle it? Sony supports the reuse of serviceable products until they no longer function. You may want to give your unwanted product a new life by donating it to a non-profit charity or selling it. When your Sony product no longer functions we would like to recycle it for you for free.
  • Are TVs eligible for Trade-In or Mail Back Recycling? Unfortunately, due to the size and weight of TV sets we are unable to offer shipping for Trade-In or Recycling. Please visit your nearest recycling drop off location to recycle your Sony TV.
  • I have a Sony battery, how should I recycle it? In addition to our drop off locations which accept your rechargeable battery for free recycling, we also make recycling your old rechargeable Sony batteries easy. Simply go to a Sony Store(s) near you and drop it off at the Sony Store(s) drop box, or visit for nearest of their 37,000 location.
  • I understand that some States have various laws on eWaste recycling, where can I find more information about this? In some cases, states may have recycling programs that supersede Sony's Take Back Recycling program. Contact the following states or visit their Websites for information on their programs: CA, CT, HI, IL, IN, MD, ME, MN, MO, NC, NJ, NY, OK, OR, RI, SC, TX, VA, VT, WA, WI, WV.
  • What is Green GloveSM In-home TV Removal Service? We'll remove your old TV and haul it away for free environmentally responsible recycling when you select Premier In-home Delivery from Sony Store(s).