Always shop from a Sony Dealer

Look for the Sony Authorized Dealer Logo

At Sony, customer care begins before you even make a purchase. Whether in-store, online or catalog, we want you to have a shopping experience that meets or exceeds your expectations for Sony as one of the world's most-trusted brands. That's why we work closely with retailers who have earned the privilege to use the Sony Authorized Dealer Logo.

Why buy from the Sony Authorized Dealer?

Retailers in the Sony Authorized Dealer strive to deliver an excellent customer experience that helps you make the right choices. And they can assist in delivering the quality products and service you deserve when you buy a Sony product.

Sony honors its limited product warranties only when the products are purchased from an in-network reseller. Purchasing Sony products out-of-network places Sony customers at risk. These customers may receive products that are counterfeit, used, defective or not designed to properly operate in the United States. We urge Sony customers to protect themselves and their Sony products by purchasing from an in-network reseller.

We encourage you to look for the Sony Authorized Dealer Logo wherever you shop.

The Sony Authorized Dealer assurance

When you purchase Sony consumer products from retailers within Sony's Authorized Dealers, you can be assured you are not purchasing products that may have been altered or products with obliterated serial numbers, which could void the limited warranty that accompanies Sony products.

In addition, there have been reports of some out-of-network retailers selling used products as new. As we have no relationship with these entities, if you experience any difficulty with their service, we may be unable to assist you.

Buying Sony products from a reseller in the Sony Authorized Dealer will assure you have the best customer experience when purchasing a Sony product.

When you buy from a Sony Dealer, you'll know that...

  • Sony Dealers are properly trained on Sony products so they can answer your questions
  • Sony Dealers can provide assistance in setting up your products
  • Sony Dealers stay informed about new technologies so you can be on the cutting edge
  • Sony Dealers are committed to providing excellent customer service
  • Sony Dealers have direct access to Sony product managers and customer service representatives
  • Sony Dealers receive continuous training with Sony representative to make sure their retail sales associates get the most up-to-date product information from Sony
  • Sony Dealers offer all the latest Sony value-adding promotions
  • Sony Dealers will treat you with professionalism
  • Sony Dealers provide manufacturer supplied product accessories
  • Sony Dealers sell factory-fresh products
  • Sony Dealers only deal with factory-authorized merchandise, which hasn't been tampered with or had its serial numbers altered by unauthorized third-party resellers.
  • Sony Dealers can assure you that the Sony products they sell will be serviced by Sony Service Centers