The Leader in 4K entertainment

When you think of the best in picture quality, think Sony 4K Ultra HD. Aside from pioneering the 4K revolution in 2005 — you’ve probably seen 4K movies at your local theater — Sony is the only company in the world with a full suite of products that let you shoot, edit and enjoy the clearest video quality available today.


Create in 4K

Get your creative juices flowing and capture your vision with four times the detail of HD. Sony puts more 4K devices in your hands than any other manufacturer. Whether it’s an affordable hand-held 4K camcorder, a DSLR or an all-out studio camera built for Hollywood, Sony is leading the way.

  • Creating your own 4K videos is an unforgettable experience. Beautiful detail is captured effortlessly and enjoyed instantly via a simple HDMI cable.

  • It’s easy. Using a handheld camcorder to shoot 4K is just as easy as regular HD — and it’s all within reach for various budgets.

  • Even if you don’t have a 4K TV, capturing video in 4K offers better Full HD playback. The crisp detail of the 4K video is supersampled down to Full HD for even better picture quality.

  • New HDMI 2.0 supported for next 4K video formats. That is, even if you don’t plan to view in 4K until some time in the future, you can rest assured that what you’ve captured is of the highest quality on the market.


Edit in 4K

All this amazing content is nothing without a way to make it your own. Now you can edit large, beautiful 4K files with ease using compatible PCs that are built to handle the enhanced quality. For quick and seamless editing and publishing of video and audio tracks, innovative Sony software applications like Vegas™ Pro 13 and Movie Studio 13 put all the tools right at your fingertips. And because it’s all made by Sony, all your components work seamlessly together.


Watch in 4K

At Sony, 4K is everywhere. The good news is that the beauty of 4K is ever-expanding to new areas. You’ve already been able to enjoy feature films from Sony’s 4K download service since 2013. Now, Netflix is expected to stream 4K Ultra HD to compatible TVs in the first half of this year — luckily, Sony’s latest TV lineup is capable of streaming 4K video right out of the box with no additional hardware.


The world of 4K


Video Unlimited

Our library is regularly updated to deliver you a wider selection all the time. Right now, Sony’s Video Unlimited 4K download service offers the hit TV series Breaking Bad, blockbuster movies like Elysium, After Earth and This Is the End and many more. And this year, new release like Captain Phillips and American Hustle will be at your fingertips — all with the stunning clarity of 4K Ultra HD.


Netflix® in 4K

Everyone is gearing up for the world of 4K. Netflix has announced key titles to be available for 4K streaming this year. Sony’s latest line of 4K Ultra HD TVs incorporate a decoder compatible with the latest HEVC video compression format. In other words, stockpile the popcorn for ultra-smooth video at 60 frames per second with four times more detail than regular HD.


Cutting-edge 4K


The ever-expanding 4K experience

We all love movies, and now is the perfect time to experience theater-quality video right from home. And because Sony 4K Ultra HD TVs feature cutting-edge technology, upcoming 4K video from services such as Netflix, will look stunningly sharp. Built into our models is support for HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, and latest HEVC compression. In other words, you can expect the highest quality possible no matter what the source.

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