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Pre-installed on VAIO Spring 2014 PCs, Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 lets you empower your creative vision with photo editing options for every user level, and turn ordinary snapshots into something spectacular. Easily organize, edit, and create brilliant photos to share via print, the web, Facebook, and more. Learn More

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Friendly and intuitive

Photoshop Elements 12 lets you organize, edit, create, and share more quickly and easily thanks to big, bold icons; a helpful Action bar; and the ability to choose from Quick, Guided, and Expert editing modes to fit your needs.

Easily move objects

Move objects in a photo and have the background automatically filled in with the Content-Aware Move feature of Photoshop Elements 12.

Create the perfect group shot

Never let a frown or a closed pair of eyes ruin a group photo again. With the Photomerge Group Shot feature, it’s easy to combine faces and bodies from a series of pictures to create a single perfect composite.

VAIO Inspiration Stream

Bring your creative thoughts to life and experience a seamless flow of capturing, editing and sharing. A simple yet powerful suite of applications combined with the advanced camera, display, and Active Pen delivers an experience with endless possibilities.

VAIO® Paper

VAIO Paper is a digital notebook and handwriting app that replicates the feeling of natural writing with pen and paper. Using VAIO Paper, you can write on your VAIO PC with the optional Active Pen or touchscreen to add images and sound that enhance your creative writing and express yourself in ways that you can't with just pen and paper. It's easy to use, organize and share your creation via email and other apps.

VAIO® Clip

See an image on the web that would be a great addition to your presentation? Use VAIO Clip to trace or draw a freehand outline around the image using the Active Pen or your finger. With intelligent edge detection you can quickly crop images in seconds. Then save the clip in the file manager or simply drop it into new docs.

VAIO® Scan

Capture your notes, scan documents or record whiteboards with the 8MP rear camera and Exmor RS® sensor. Optical Character Recognition even converts handwriting to text and can clarify images for legibility. VAIO Scan also allows you to quickly scan, archive, edit, add comments and share your scanned notes or documents.

Create something worth sharing

Create beautiful paintings on your PC, mix and edit your own music, and make your videos look like Hollywood style movies using pre-installed software that comes with select VAIO® PCs.

Sony Imagination Studio

Imagination Studio is the essential way to get the most out of your video, music, and pictures. Turn your video shoots into Hollywood-style movies, make your own original music, and share your creations online. This bundle features Movie Studio Platinum, ACID Music Studio and Sound Forge Audio Studio, that together, create a total multimedia experience. Edit video in stunning AVCHD™ or stereoscopic 3D, create original music, and enhance multichannel audio. It's easier than ever to take control of your own creativity and weave your ideas into high-quality movies that you can upload to Pixelcast (a Sony site for sharing and collaboration) and YouTube .

ArtRage® Studio

ArtRage® Studio is a stylish, intuitive painting and drawing package that makes it easy to produce natural-looking artwork on your computer. Its wide range of artistic tools lets you get right down to the creative process without forcing you to learn complex or technical controls. ArtRage Studio Pro is ideal for artists who need to edit their work in more depth, supporting Photoshop®-compatible filters, real word color blending, post-spray editable stickers and more.

VAIO® Movie Creator

Quickly and easily make a movie just the way you like it from your own photos or videos. Enhance your movies with your choice of 45 design themes and music. VAIO® Movie Creator adds the transitions and effects automatically so your movie looks polished and professional. Once your movie is ready, share it on Facebook®, YouTube, or other social networking and video sharing sites.


Uniquely smart and easy-to-use, PlayMemories Home software makes organizing, editing and sharing your photos and videos a cinch. Instantly import and sort your content by event or date. Then transform your favorites from ordinary to extraordinary with intuitive adjustments and stunning filters. You can even create heartwarming slide-shows complete with transitions and soundtracks in 3 simple steps. Finally, share your picks privately with family and friends or on popular social networking sites like Facebook® and YouTube. PlayMemories Online service can even securely store your content in the cloud allowing virtually all of your devices to access it anytime, anyplace.

Fun at your fingertips

Designed specifically for the VAIO Tap 21 all-in-one desktops, these apps are perfect for enjoying family photos, keeping your family organized in a fun interactive way, and exploring the world of painting with your fingers.

VAIO Tabletop

Discover a new fun way to view, organize, and share content with VAIO Tabletop. Shop for gifts, plan a trip or party and look bac k at all the memories you created while organizing your photos. Its large, interactive touchscreen makes it feel as if you are touching printed photos on a table.

Family Paint Software

Designed for kids to paint, draw, and express themselves artistically. Family Paint Software provides comprehensive drawing tools including size-adjustable colored pencils, crayons, markers, stamps and an eraser. On the VAIO® Tap, you can choose a split screen so more than one person can join in the fun. With 10 point capacitive touch, kids can apply all the tools directly on the screen with two hands as if they're painting or drawing on the real canvas.

Fingertapps Organizer

This is not your ordinary calendar or message board. This unique app lets you post voice messages, photos, drawings, and video messages online to help the whole family stay organized and aware of everyone’s schedule. Get creative and add your favorite team’s logo on game days, or record a happy birthday song to play on your kid's birthday, or post a photo of your vacation destination on the days you will be gone.

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